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How To Mine Crypto With The Hard Disk!

Do you have some hard drives that you don't want and you want to make and earn some cryptocurrency out of it?

How To Mine Crypto With The Hard Disk!

  • In this article, I will show you how you can earn cryptocurrency.

  • Mine cryptocurrency with the power of hard drives and disk space, you don't need GPUS you don't need CPUs,  keep reading.

How to mine crypto and earn crypto with hard drives.

  • The power of disk space, the idea is simple in two steps step:

Number one:  it's nothing is impossible.

Number two: I'm going to show you a new project it's called the SC Prime and the price of one coin is 1.4 dollars, not bad so what is SC Prime, it's simply a project that allows people to sell and buy decentralized disk space, think about it as google drive or Microsoft one-drive but it's decentralized all over the world with the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency so the idea is super simple it's about selling your disk space on this network.

I want to make things simple for you and give you the main concepts in a couple of minutes let's start with the earnings how many SC Prime coins you can make with providing your storage we can see here in documentation, it's updated 20 January 2022 so this product is still new and if you read the project didn't launch yet, it's expected to launch at the end of this year so starting right now I think maybe a great opportunity for a lot of you.


Let's do small calculations if you are selling your terabyte for only 10 stps per month as I am doing and as you will see right now 10 by 10 terabyte is 100 SC Prime, with today's price by 1.4 it's around 140 for the price today remember we are working with the cryptocurrency so this price maybe 50 in a couple of months maybe 100 dollars next year I don't know but anyway for today's price you are making around 140 dollars for 10 terabytes of data you are providing on this network now let's talk about the setup


How can start how you can provide your storage and sell your disk space?

In general, we have two methods you can buy the XA miner that the company is providing you can see in the shop providing different version it costs around one thousand five hundred dollars three thousand five hundred dollars if you want to invest in this it's up to you in my case I'm not willing to invest in it what I did is I built a DIY set up I used my own hard drive and my own pc let me show you first my drives.

Let's go here I have these two hard drives every 16 terabytes so in total, I have 32 terabytes of hard drives connected to my pc here, okay so this is the first step to connect your hard drives to your pc whether it's one terabyte 10 terabytes whatever it is just connect it if you are using an external hard drive like this one it's four terabytes connected through USB ports just connected then the second step is to go to sc prime documents and what's nice they have a detailed step-by-step guide.

The first step is to go to sc prime website and download two applications if you are using windows you download this UI 

I connected my disks to my windows machine you can see this is the sc prime interface and this is my wallet I have 20 scps.

You can see I am synced to the network with a blockchain we have around 1 800 active hosts nine connected peers and if you go to my host now you will see I am providing one terabyte per month for 10 scps and you can add one sap for download and upload and here are my disks this quan each one is two terabytes if you open here my pc you will see here my two drives E and F each one is 14 terabytes let's open it you can see the folders the squad the disk six this is recommended by sc prime itself and there's a second drive here the same so the idea you connect the hard drives you install sc prime you sing the network it's automatic by the way and you provide your hard drives so anyone can rent and I tested this I went to the rent section here and I rented one terabyte of data and I paid for it 0.69 till now.


You may ask how I paid only 0.69 and you said the price of one terabyte is 10 scps?

This takes us to an important question of how much money you can really make these are the numbers 125 SCP or 10 SCP per terabyte but what are the real factors of how much you can really earn per one terabyte.

This depends on multiple factors numbers one your internet connection speed so if you have a very low connection speed or if your connection is not stable you may earn zero dollars why because sc prime wants to reach at least 96 percent availability so if you don't have a stable connection i don't think you can invest in this project or you can join this project so please make sure you can guarantee the uptime at least 96 to ensure you earn scps at the end of each month.

The second important factor is you get paid for the filled disk space and not only the disk space so if nobody bought your space you will not earn anything because a lot of scammers enter the network and start adding hard drives and what they did they cheated the network and created like virtual disks on their pcs and started earning scps based on this virtual disks, but they also don't have the real space so this is why the contracts now are based on how much you are using out of this disk space now one important question here is how you can exchange this coin the sc prime coin if you go as an example to binance and try to search for sc prime you will not find it so how you can transfer or exchange this coin with usdt or us dollars the idea is simple you can go here to sc prime. me/exchange and then you will find two exchanges that allow you to do this I tested the south x exchange and you can see here in the wallet section the sc prime is listed and you can exchange with usdt stable coin.

Click on withdraw and you need to enter your wallet address if you are using binance coinbase whatever you are using in my case I am using binance here is my binds wallet you go here to usdt and click on the deposit you copy the address and paste it, and then simply send to your account and do whatever you want.


Everything is fine in conclusion this project is not something you may get rich within one month or one day.