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Hostinger Review - 5 FACTS You Need To Know Before You Buy!

The top five things that you should know about Hostinger before you get a plan with them.

So, hey why not stick around and get the latest information about Hostinger! Hostinger has the lowest prices out of any web hosting provider by a huge margin, their cheapest plan starts at $1 a month but the more expensive plans cloud or VPS hosting are still way below industry standard prices on average every single plan with Hostinger is around two times cheaper than Bluehost and a crazy 10 times cheaper than SiteGround.

Keep in mind, that even though their website says the prices are monthly it's actually a one-time payment so you'll have to pay for the full period upfront. And the prices do change depending on the period you buy for, if you want to host for just one year it will be more expensive, which means for the lowest possible price you're forced to buy for the longest period of time, but that's not all. Once your initial subscription expires the price increases again.

So if you want to buy a 4-year plan for $0.99 cents a month after 4 years it will renew for $2.15 cents a month, but with cheaper plans comes terrible performance... I think that's what Uncle Ben said in spider-man, right? Wrong. Anyways even though Hostinger is cheap it's not really the case here they constantly show better performance than some mid or even some top tier web hosting providers I've monitored the performance for a whole year and from 2019 October until now my Hostinger website was online 99.78% of the time resulting in only 15 hours of downtime during the whole year.

The loading speed well it's on par with some more expensive web hosting solutions as well for example I've done 5 tests using GTMetrix and various different website designs and the average turned out to be 1.5 seconds even some $20 a month plans aren't able to load close to 2 seconds let alone $1 plans.

The only weakness in terms of performance is the ability to handle a lot of traffic at the same time because I've done these tests multiple times over the years and it's always the same story. The website slows down dramatically as soon as a lot of people visit at the same time so if you have a high traffic website immediately go for the cloud hosting plans don't even look at shared hosting.

Even though Hostinger is a European company they have data centers all across the world in the US, EU, and Asia regions.

 Why is this important? 

All technology is based on physics and well the shorter the distance information has to travel the faster it can reach its goals. Like your wi-fi getting worse the further you are away from it. Having your website be located in one part of the world while your audience is located in the other doesn't seem like the smartest idea. So, Hostinger offers you the chance to pick locations when you buy hosting.

 I've already shown you that Hostinger is fast but why is that?

Why is this cheap web hosting provider faster than some mid or even top-tier web hosting providers? Quite simple actually, they use a lot of relatively new hardware and software solutions. For example, they use Litespeed servers so that allows them to install Litespeed cache on every single WordPress website automatically there are a lot of these technical nuances that I cover in detail in my full Hostinger review that you can find right here, here, here, here, here. Yeah, first try. If you've ever dealt with web hosting before you're probably used to cPanel the most popular shared web hosting management software there is and well Hostinger doesn't have it, they decided to go ahead and develop their own control panel that they call the hPanel.

This is both a blessing and a curse a blurse? Wrong.

Never mind the thing is that their custom solution is easier to use for beginners it feels better it's easier to navigate and it looks better but it's just so god damn slow you see this you see these loading bars if you're using Hostinger get used to this image because you'll be seeing these bad boys a lot, You know how with most companies you can call someone when you run into issues with your web hosting plan? Well... that someone won't be Hostinger because they offer absolutely no phone support.

You only get 24/7 live chat support and email, but to their credit, their live chat system is quite new and feature-packed you can send GIFS pictures and links with absolutely no problems at all. So, it's easier to explain certain aspects of your problem I'll be completely honest, I can't give you much insight about the accuracy of their support team because this really depends on your individual problem and the person that's supporting you.

There are just way too many variables for me to test reliably. In my case, I was always able to solve my problems within a reasonable amount of time and frustration. Hostinger won't be perfect for everyone no web hosting company is. You will feel frustrated, stuff will break and you will run into issues. This is just the nature of the web hosting service itself but for the price that you're paying especially if you're looking for cheap web hosting, I don't believe you'll find a better deal than Hostinger