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10 Foods You Must Eat to Avoid Cancer.

10 foods you must eat to avoid cancer.

ِِِCancer cell killing foods are not just meant to keep our stomachs full, they should also keep us healthy in fact eating the right kinds of foods can prevent diseases, in this article, we will discuss 10 foods that have cancer-fighting properties.

Number one berries.

According to the portion teller plan author and professor of nutrition at New York University Lisa young Ph.D., berries contain antioxidants that can prevent cell damage associated with cancer and improve your immune system because they contain vitamin C due to its polyphenols ellagic acid and anthocyanins they can reduce cell damage and facilitate repair some of the types of cancers that they fight include cancer of the skin, lungs esophageal bladder and breast.

Number two grapes.

According to the American Institute for cancer research, grapes can prevent tumors and cancer cells from growing, this fruit contains the antioxidant reservatrol which has anti-inflammatory benefits especially the red variant grapes, can help fight liver, breast, colon, and stomach cancer.

Number three Tomatoes.

According to the University of Dusseldorf professor and antioxidant researcher, William Stahl Ph.D. tomatoes can protect the skin from cancer as they can absorb UV light because of their lipo scene content which is also antioxidant cells are protected from damage aside from skin cancer, other types of cancer that Tomatoes can fight include cancer of the lungs, mouth, and de metric breast, and prostate.

Number 04: Cruciferous vegetables.

According to the American Institute for cancer research, cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and kale are loaded with indole-3-carbinol glucosinolates and cram bone which has cancer-fighting properties additionally the Roswell Park Cancer Institute also stated that this type of veggies can rid carcinogens and prevent cancer cell growth because of its so for content cruciferous vegetables can fight off cancer of the breast larynx stomach mouth esophagus skin and pharynx.

 05 garlic.

According to the American Institute for cancer research advisor Karen Collins, garlic can intervene with the cancer process because it contains allele sulfides which are antioxidant phytochemicals the types of cancer that garlic can prevent include cancer of the stomach, colon, breast, lungs, and esophagus.

 Number 06: Tea.

According to the American Institute of cancer research black tea, and green tea, are loaded with catechins which are antioxidants that have been proven to inhibit cancer cell growth and reduce tumor size some types of cancers that tea can help fight include cancer of the colon, stomach, liver, bladder, pancreas, breast, lungs, prostate, and skin.

Number 07: flaxseed.

According to a nutribullet nutrition advisor, Krysta Hayes flaxseed can fight carcinogens because it contains the antioxidant called lignans and has anti-inflammatory effects because of its omega-3 fatty acids, some of the types of cancer that flaxseed can fight to include cancer of the colon, skin, lungs, and breasts.

 08 Legumes.

In the 2011 study published by BMJ entitled dietary fiber whole grains and the risk of colorectal cancer systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective studies, it was stated that fiber can lower your risk of colon cancer. legumes are packed with fiber as well as saponins phytic acid and protease inhibitors which prevent cancer cell reproduction aside from colon cancer legumes can also fight cancer of the stomach. 

 9 whole grains.

According to the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota, those who eat whole grains are 21 to 43 percent less at risk of having cancer compared to those who don't the reason this is that they have higher fiber content and the bran and germ layers of those whole grains are loaded with antioxidants some of the types of cancers that they can prevent include colon, breast, and stomach cancer.

10 green leafy vegetables.

According to the American Institute for cancer research green leafy vegetables can fight cancer because they contained folate which protects the DNA and cartoon nodes which are antioxidants that regulate cell growth green leafy vegetables can help fight cancer of the skin stomach breasts mouth lungs larynx and pharynx these are just 10 of the foods that can fight or prevent cancers, yes people dine out for several reasons including hectic schedules and not enough time to cook healthy foods at home however some of these healthy foods require little or no time at all to prepare so do yourself a favor include these foods in your daily diets thank you for watching if you like the video please share with your friends and please subscribe to our channel if you haven't already done so if you want to be notified of our new uploads do the following new subscribers click on the bell icon when you subscribe old subscribers please turn on all your notifications