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How To Mine Dogecoin? Step by Step on Any PC.

How To Mine Dogecoin? 

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  • The value of one dutch coin. is around 0.27 so to make five dollars you need around 18 to 19 dutch coins, if you want to make 10 dollars you need around 37 dodge coins.

  • In this article, I will share with you one of the easiest methods to mine dutch coins on your pc, let's go directly into our work and see how we can mine the dutch coin and how we can earn dutch coins super easy on our pc but before this, I know some of you are somehow beginners and maybe they don't know what is dodge coin what is a cryptocurrency what is mining so just in one minute please one minute I want to explain the concept of cryptocurrencies and mining in a super simple way.

The blockchain.

coinbase,crypto news,crypto price,crypto mining,crypto wallet,cryptocurrency to buy,crypto exchange,cryptocurrency to invest in, app,best crypto app,crypto app, arena,

When you want to send a payment for someone as an example you are buying something online and you want to pay through your credit card what happened is that the payment will go through a third-party service like a government, the bank accounts, and so on now what happened is that in 2008 satoshi Nakamoto invented something called the blockchain this blockchain allows you to do peer-to-peer transactions or peer-to-peer connections so without the need of any third parties governments, banks, you can send money directly from one person to another but this money will not be in dollars or euros because dollars euros or whatever are managed by banks and governments and countries so you need something, you need a currency that works on the blockchain here it comes the cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency.

 The cryptocurrency is simply the currency that works on the blockchain network where you can send directly from one person to another without the use of any third parties, I think the idea is somehow simple.

Now how to earn a cryptocurrency or what validate cryptocurrency?

You know in countries and governments they put gold so they can print money you know this, I think now in cryptocurrency we put instead of gold we put power electricity, and resources so we can get and earn more cryptos how this happens simply.

By a process called mining, mining is simply solving a crypto hash don't worry about now, the technical stuff just understand the general idea so when we mine we are putting our resources our pc resources CPU, GPU, our electricity, and we are solving some hashing equations so we can earn and get rewarded with cryptocurrencies.

So the simple formula is we mine we earn cryptocurrency, we have bitcoins we have Ethereum we have a lot XRP and we have dodge coin, so this is the idea.

Now without wasting more time on concepts let's see how easily we can mine dutch coins, and earn dutch coins and how to sell them later and make some money really easily from your home.

  • The first step you are going to do is to open your browser and go to this website
  • The second thing you are going to do is simply go to the download section and then go down and you can see these two buttons don't press on the right click on one of them, then press on save link as, and then go to your desktop or whatever and download the application the miner.

It will take a couple of seconds or minutes depending on your internet connection so after you download the miner you will just go and open it, the miner super easy now one note that almost all the miners will be detected with antiviruses as there are some viruses so you have to turn off your antivirus if you want to use the miners or you can use another pc if you want just for mining if you have an old laptop.

Click on continue and now it will ask you if you want to mine using CPU or the graphics card, it depends on your pc specs if you have a good pc with a good graphic card like NVidia or Nvidia RTX or whatever, you can use your GPU if you have a small old laptop you can still do this and check CPU mining.  now it will tell you to enter the token or the coin you wanna mine, you can select all these coins here, bitcoin, cash dodge coin, Ethereum.

  • The third thing is you need to enter your address, what is the address it's simply like your wallet where you will get the money or where you will get the coins.

How do get an address?

Simply you need to create a dodge coin wallet.


Go to, open this website then go to get started, click on the wallet section to choose a wallet, you will see we have two types of wallets.

Multi-dodge and dutch coin core, if you read this it will tell you that multi dodge is a light wallet and it's not preferred for mining so make sure to download the dutch coin core, select your version like windows 64-bit or 32-bit, download it, and install the application it's super simple after that you need to open it.

Your address here, copy it, and simply go again to the miner and paste your address, super-simple then press on start and the miner now will start mining the dutch coin.

When you get three dodges you can press on pay now to pay the dodge coin, now maybe someone will ask okay, I don't want to collect dutch coins and trade and wait for it to grow and so on like bitcoins and whatever, I want to sell it directly so how to sell dutch coins, simply you have different websites to do this, I will share with you two websites.

  • Number one is called, where you can sell your dodge coins.
  • Another website is called here also you can create an account, verify it and start selling your dodge coins.

I think the idea is somehow simple and clear on how to mine a dodge coin on your pc.